Wednesday, October 7, 2009

about the goods

inspired by the following geniuses:
Moosewood Cookbook
Once Upon a Tart...
Organic Home Gardening
Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone
The Desert Bible
Baby Greens
Cooks Illustrated
The Edible Schoolyard

Origin of Ingredients:
Riverwood House, Studio & Gardens [herbs]
Hatcher Farm [milk, cream]
Amish Roll [butter]
Willow Farm [eggs]
Avalon Acres Farm LLC.
Scherfen Bergen [chocolate]
Delta Grind  MS [cornmeal, masa, grits]
Kosher salt

* A Very Small Bakery relies on local elements to provide sustainability for the Riverwood House children's program...and to create an encasement of ojas to the environment and souls...the baked goods are made in the Riverwood House, Studio & Garden"s -- kitchen...

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